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You will be part of our engineering team and will work on the development of new products, as well as on special projects for our customers. More specifically, you will contribute to various ac- tivities related to the design and manufacturing of electronic circuit boards. Your designs will be used in multiple applications, ranging for renewable energies, electric mobility, wireless power transfer, energy storage, etc.

-The corresponding skills are quite diverse and include various fields of specialization, such as :

-High current (> 40 A) and / or medium voltage (> 1000 V ) in power circuits.

-High frequency (> 5 GHz) in communication circuits.

-Wideband analog electronics (> 1MHz).

-Digital electronics (DSP, FPGA, DDR, microcontrollers).

-Thick (> 200 μm) or multi-layer (> 12L, HDI) copper circuits.


Specifically, the foreseen responsibilities are as follows :

-Edition of circuit schematics.

-Definition of layout rules and constraints.

-Realization of board layouts (component placement and routing).

-Maintenance of component libraries.

-Debug and testing of electronic circuits.

-Measurement and qualification of the developed circuits.

Votre profil

-Education : MSc degree in electronics or equivalent experience required.
-Languages : A good command of technical English is required, both written and spoken. French is nonetheless (still) the daily spoken language at imperix.
-Seniority : Junior to Senior. The hardware team handles designs of different complexity.
-Skills : This position requires good command of Altium Designer, as well as demonstrable prior experience in PCB design.

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